Te Huia Log Frame Design

Based here on the West Coast of New Zealand, we started as a log frame design and construction company.
18 years later our design innovation in this field of sustainable log frame architecture is becoming more and more relevant. Climate change is an existential threat to global well-being. Architecture that is resilient, made sustainably and safe in increasingly severe environmental challenges is becoming more of a priority.
Our focus on affordable, eco-sustainable log frame dwellings originally built by hand, chainsaw and using a draft horse team lead us to design unique and beautiful dwellings with extraordinary strength and durability.
The exponentially increasing demand for smaller eco sustainable living space in a world speeding towards a climate change disaster set our companies future aspirations towards a safe & simple dwelling we call the EON.
The space in which we choose to live has a massive impact on our health and society. If our cities are failing humanity its our choice and time to think outside that conventional architectural square.
Now in its 3rd iteration, the Tehuia EON has gone to a new level as the Eco Outpost . 
Our World is Continuously Changing
Change is a constant. We innovate, adapt or disappear, as have countless civilizations before us.
Within just 150 years our society has evolved from an 'agricultural age' to the 'industrial age' and now we live in the 'digital age'.

Our living space is no longer 'location tied' to our factory or office work place. The conventional European home, a 3 bedroom 2 car garage made with light weight building materials, often heavy with chemicals, may have once been suitable. Not only has this become too expensive for young families wanting the security of their home, this style of construction and its huge mortgage does nothing for quality of life. And we question if will endure climate change.
Sustainable Innovation 
New Zealand is made up of large islands that sit at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and is ideally suited to the designing and building of architecture that suits the new climatic reality. This is what we have done.
We grow excellent timber here and timber is the number 1 sustainable building material known to mankind. At Tehuia we have designed and built buildings that suit our topography, our extreme weather, our budget and are made from our sustainable forests.
Sustainability is also about energy and where we get it. The digital age enables a simple organic life on land where you 'wind and solar collect' your own energy needs and grow your own food. This can create much better outcomes for familes. The Internet allows for childrens higher education and work opportunities from rural and wilderness settings a reality.

An off-grid lifestyle is now more desired and celebrated in mainstream media because it solves so many problems created by our modern cities. A lite environmental footprint, a simple sustainable life, a low mortgage and a quality of life supported by the natural world in which we live.
Our passion for living close to the natural world has evolved our own unique log frame architecture. The concept of a natural log frame built from sustainable forest trees which can be bolted together and expanded as the family grows is the product of our life and is a reality. 
 Tehuia Twin Peaks

Te Huia Log Homes Product
Our focus is on pure and simple log-frame design, engineered to achieve safe, comfortable living space. Our buildings are unique, made from sustainable building materials and we strive to make them affordable.
We pre-fabricate, flat pack, modular, designed as simple living and working space that can be shipped anywhere, erected fast and easy, anywhere on the planet and with basic equipment if need be. 
Our log structures have many possibilities and uses. Choose your own interior, roof, divide room space, even add a new section later. You have creative control on the finished look and budget.    
Beautiful resilient long lasting architecture taking into consideration the whole process from the forestry, to manufacture, shipping, erection, maintenance and the healthy well-being of the occupants. 

And if its extreme weather conditions like Polar Vortex’s, Typhoons, Firestorms, Earthquakes and Tornadoes that concern you, or a high mountain wilderness site beckons, take a close look at the Tehuia Eon Series. 

At the heart each of our designs is the EON frame. A pyramid log structure which acts as the central strength to which the Peaks Series dwellings are connected. You can see the evolution of these EON + frames in the original hand built Twin Peaks.
Our 1st Tehuia Twin Peaks hand crafted Log Frame Home
Our log frames create a beautiful natural presence in your home