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Can you see yourself as an owner of a Wilderness Eco Lodge and live a naturally sustainable lifestyle?

What, Why & How

I've been contacted hundreds of times by people like you looking to break out of the conventional modern world, build an eco home and go 'off the grid', grow their own food.
No surprises there, breaking free from the stress associated with city living and the burden of the bank mortgage is a rather common aspiration.  Now Covid-19 has made this option even more relevant.

Getting our log frame designs to the point they are legal, simple to make, strong and transportable, quick to erect, inexpensive, takes time. Testing those designs takes time. So we 'keep calm and carry on' and eventually the concept turns into a physical reality and then we place it in the public arena. Simple. 

So here we go. 

An Eco Lifestyle Property Offer

I'm always looking for properties where I could model a unique 'off the grid eco lifestyle village' based around 'sustainable forestry and eco-living'.   

So what would your life would be like, if you took Kaitiakitanga - guardianship.

Some History

Its been 14 years since we bought our beautiful property here in West Auckland. Its been quiet the learning experience with regard to conventional land development, the building industry and property ownership.  Dealing with Government and Council entities, Iwi, professionals, builders and contractors, prospective buyers, guests and other assorted renegades is all good, however I've found mainstream conventional development creates huge expense and is pushing property prices here in New Zealand to ever more unsustainable heights.

To protect my simple lifestyle its pushed me ever further towards a greener more sustainable model of property development. So I'm taking Tehuia designs and a sustainable forestry management ethos, into the wildly beautiful locations they were designed to be.

Sustainable Forestry & Eco Living

Is the World crazy or are we crazy?  I'm no fan of this 1800th century Industrial model where we sacrifice our ourselves, our environment, our oceans and our wildlife to mass extinction by continuing to burn finite fossil fuel. Not to mention the militarization of our planet. This tragedy unfolding around us is totally avoidable. We are much smarter than this.

Intuitively, we all know that living in constant connection with Nature simplifies ones life. A good trip to the beach or forest or mountains clears the senses and opens up innate and joyful body/mind connections. A life of living and working with Nature by the sea, forested hills and valley fields,  builds trust and contentment in a Natural way.

Solar, wind and water power energy is virtually free, gifted to us, with little of the associated pollution problems of oil, coal and nuclear. Timber forests lock in burnt carbon and timber is the perfect building material. Eco sustainable forestry has a successful past and a very big future.  The Lifestyle Ethos I am envisioning here will encourage and nurture a clean green sustainable future and the best way I found to get anything done is to just do it!

A model for a greener, higher value, New Zealand Forestry Industry

Presently we export dirt cheap 95% of our timber. Most ends up in China as packing crates and low value construction waste. New Zealand forestry needs re-valuing. My eco model is based around planting timber species that better suit a greener more ecological sustainable future. Timber species with the particularly excellent qualities we want for our valuable building products. Our model development is all about value adding New Zealands timber and combining that with our already wildly successful eco tourism industry.

The Warrior Within

There are plenty of quiet eco warriors amongst us, the ones who can't sail a Greenpeace ship but pay the bills so others can. Those of us that are everyday people, that can't be seen. We recycle, compost, plant and ride a bike etc. Ready for the next step? Is this the time, to step up and play a more pro active role in our childrens future.

The protection and regeneration of beautiful wilderness properties has never been more critically important.  If we are to believe what we see and what we read, our streams, and lakes and oceans need us. 

A Simple Plan

My interest is in 'Wilderness' properties that have the specific attributes we need.  Great landscapes, if possible, established forests and suitable habitats for planting various forest and plant species.

We will selectively harvest logs from the property, with which to build our model off grid village and future eco -ourism venues and export Tehuia Log Home kitsets to people like us.

We'll practice 'citizen science' by planting, nurturing, observing and recording the bio diversity of the flora and fauna of the area, making a further contribution to the re establishment and regeneration of our natural environment.

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'Be the change you want to see' - Mahatma Gandhi