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SEPT 2022
Rapid attribution analysis of the extraordinary heatwave on the Pacific Coast of the US and Canada June 2021 
In summary, an event such as the Pacific Northwest 2021 heatwave is still rare or extremely rare in today’s climate, yet would be virtually impossible without human-caused climate change. As warming continues, it will become a lot less rare. Our results provide a strong warning: our rapidly warming climate is bringing us into uncharted territory that has significant consequences for health, well-being, and livelihoods. Adaptation and mitigation are urgently needed to prepare societies for a very different future. Adaptation measures need to be much more ambitious and take account of the rising risk of heatwaves around the world, including surprises such as this unexpected extreme. Deaths from extreme heat can be dramatically reduced with adequate preparedness action. Heat action plans that incorporate heatwave early warning systems can strengthen the resilience of cities and people. In addition, longer-term plans are needed to modify our built environments to be more adequate for the hotter climate that we already experience today and the additional warming that we expect in future. In addition, greenhouse gas mitigation goals should take into account the increasing risks associated with unprecedented climate conditions if warming would be allowed to continue  
Jan 2020   launched

Select locally suitable native plant species for specific purposes and services within your region and landscape

New Zealand Herald Homes Editorial
This is one of the most beautiful videos I have ever watched. A lesson here for all - How Wolves Change Rivers
Link to Information on Kauri Dieback Disease -
Inspirational Talk on mushroom grown packaging

New Zealand Herald Canvass magazine 11th Jan 2014
Release of the Tehuia Eon, new Twin Peaks and Four Peaks.
Sept. 26th 2013
New Tehuia Designs - We announce the latest Tehuia Log Home Designs to those registered on our website.
Beautiful form, simple geometry, natural light and integrity. A warm, safe and secure structural connection to the Spirit of our Country is what we aspire to achieve. We believe that’s our contribution to a healthy sustainable society and that’s what we think you want from us. 

Our first design, the ‘Tehuia Twin Peaks’, has indeed been inspirational and aspirational for a lot of people. Elements of its iconic Pacific fusion and radical log work have attracted a lot of positive feedback. The other reality is that a hand crafted natural log home can take a lot of time and money to build in this country.

So we re-focused our creative energies on a ‘new design concept’. A log frame design which makes our buildings more accessible to our clients’ needs and budgets. And being we live in New Zealand, one with a very high wind and earthquake rating. This new series of buildings are once again, ‘outside the conventional box'. 

SCOPE Magazine Issue 31 December 2012 p.14 Re-Thinking Home Building
A building journal publishes a 4 page artical on the build and thinking behind our original Tehuia Twin Peaks.  

Ted - Wood Building - Our Thinking Exactly

July 2012 Auckland Today Magazine  P.57 Wooden Wonder

Utne Article - articulated and referenced exquisitely

June 2012 - The Huia Store is revamped and opens as a great Cafe and community meeting place.

Asset Sales Petition - Its not over yet. Print this petition form, sign up to stop the sales of these NZ owned sustainable assets.

Autumne April 30th Element Magazine Article - NZ Herald Out Of The woods

Christmas 2011 - Seasons Greetings
We committed to planting 1000 kauri trees in and around the Waitakere
Ranges where we live. This area used to be abundant in Kauri thousands of years old when the white European arrived. They found Kauri to be superb hardwood for building boats, homes, bridges, anything and everything. Over a period of 100 odd years most of the New Zealand Kauri was cut down.
Timber is a fantastic sustainable resource. We used 50 Douglas Fir trees building our Twin Peaks Show-home. But someone has to plant them first.
We'll post you 3 baby Kauri to plant out in your area. $20 includes postage in NZ. Email me

Ban Plastic Bags - We've seen firsthand the environmental mess created by the use of plastic bags. Seattle just banned them. Dam good idea Seattle Bans Plastic bags Link

Dec 2011
NZ got the biggest Green Vote ever and now has 15 members of  the New Zealand Parliment. NZ Parliment

Nov 2011
Future Proof Yourself - Vote Green  Green Party Policy link

We strongly believe that a Green future is the only future worth investing in. New Zealand has probably the best 'Green" credentials on the planet. If we direct our attention to clean Green technology, sustainable living and preserving our wilderness, New Zealand will thrive in equal measure to the pace the highly developed world falters. The only political party here actually recognizing this and putting forth a plan to develope thus, are The Green Party. When you are good at something or you know what works best for you, 'just do it'. Right!

I've lived, worked and travelled in many countries over the last 30 years. From what I can see, New Zealand has followed overseas nations in replicating their ideas for success. This has seen a greater and greater in-equality, more and more stress on people and resources, and now it all unfolds anyway as bank and balance sheet paper wealth dissapears and the future looks very uncertain. Derived relatively quickly from the over use of finite natural resources, is the world a better place for all the unsustainable business success heralded by selling finite resources and basing our economies on oil. 

The man made heavily dependent world based on cheap oil is rapidly running out of steam. Theres no easy money or easy way to say this. Another billion people on the planet, another billion people to feed. Its piling more and more stress upon our natural resources.

On the other hand, nature and wilderness is self sustaining. If we live more in tune with Nature we too can live a sustainable life. Go Green and stop fretting about the future.  

 - Titles are now ready - clean green organic. Wild flowers and pasture, Kauri and sea views. Water, phone & power. Secure gate and strong long driveway.

 - Showhome ready for viewing - byAppointment only. As much as possible this house is clean and green, made with sustainable materials and crafted with skill and a love of wood. Its incredibly strong and built to last way beyond this lifetime.
Trees are such a wonderful sustainable building material. We grow them very well here in New Zealand. Lets use more of them here. Log building does not have to be the conventional log cabin. Look at our Twin Peaks, where we use the logs as framework. You choose what to do next with the space between the logs. Link to (New photos on the bottom of the Log building page)

Visionionary Thinking - Utne link

October 2011 - Te Huia Showhome completion. The journey from a left field concept to finished product is completed. Every step of the way has been documented and photographed. We feel confident in guiding our clients through the logistical and pschological expedition that is home building with big timber logs. The Tehuia  Twin Peaks showhome is open by appointment only.

May 2011 Stage 2 Titles will be out within a few weeks. 1 pre Title price opportunity for Lot 5 is available now.

NZ LOGGER Feb 2011 - Back To The Future -  John Ellegard writes about horse logging and the role horses play in building the Tehuia Twin Peaks Log Home. 
Organic NZ Jan/Feb 2011 - Eco building Log Homes - A new design. Crispin Caldicott writes about us and our sustainable building with logs.

Rural Living Sept 17th 2010
 -  Artical published about building with logs by Tehuia Log Homes.

July August ....... rainy days but still productive. We finished the first Twin Peaks log frame.
Log Homes - June 2010 NEWS:

Open Day approaches ...... email for an invitation to visit, see and walk amoungst a Twin Peaks in the making.

It rains and then the sun comes out. It rains some more, and more .... and more. Doesnt worry this size timber and builders passionate about creating beautiful structures from it. As we expose log end tenons to show the beautiful Douglas Fir woodgrain, the midflloor takes shape.

Log Homes - May 2010 NEWS:

Its quite a journey when you're follow your passion. Logically, rationally, entering the home building industry is fraught with difficulty, in the best of times.

Drawknife peeling 50 ton of Douglas Fir may look & seem labour intensive. However exercise never hurt anyone, many hands make light work and the joy one feels becomes not so strangely addictive.

Its not lost on us that in bringing large whole natural logs back to Tehuia turns the early New Zealand European history wheel  full circle. Logging in this part of the world was the first industry we latecomers operated. 

Milling the sawlogs releases the clean lines for rafters and joists. Not to mention the fantastic smells of fresh cut Douglas Fir.

Log Homes - April 2010 NEWS:

We have begun building our first Twin Peaks Log & Beam home at our Tehuia property Waitakere West Auckland.Register with us if you would like to be kept informed about its progress or come and see it during the building.

Land - April 2010 NEWS:

Last year we released and sold 5 x 1 acre properties on our estate. After much thought we now are releasing one more acre. This acre has an absolutely beautiful building site with magnificent sea views of Huia bay, Manukau harbour and headlands opening to the Tasman Sea. It has beautiful big Kauri trees and is 95% grass for organic growing/permaculture or just leave it and enjoy the views.